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Become a HSR Staging Real Estate Agent

It always makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible!  With nine out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online FIRST, it becomes critical for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms!

Did you know that partnering with an HSR Certified Home Stager will net your seller on average 10% more in a home sales price

So why aren't all real estate agents having their listings professionally staged by home stager experts when they know it will sell faster and for more money?

- I don't want to offend home sellers whose listing I value.
- Staging a home to sell involves too much work and money
- I'm not into decorating
- I don't know where to begin with all my client's homes
- I told home sellers what to do...they just didn't do it or didn't do it well
- I did stage the home but it's still not selling...


Now is the time to partner with an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager!  You need a competitive advantage to offer discouraged home seller solutions and get their homes sold! Real estate staging is not an option--staging homes has become a vital step for a successful sale in today's market.

Partner With An HSR Certified Professional & Benefit!

  • We Listen!  We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you sell your listings faster!
  • Partner Pricing - HSR Partners value your referral business!
  • Completed Client Action Plans - Photo detailed plans for your clients to easily follow!
  • Videos and Hand-Outs - We make you look prepared, educated and good!
  • Compelling Video Links To Send Clients!


2-Minute Partnership Informational Video



Vacant Statistics - The COST of NOT Staging a Vacant Home:



Video from CBS News Report of a Savvy Agent Who Uses A Professional Stager:



"Top Dogs (the most successful agents) stage their listings. 
They see every single listing as an opportunity to top the market. 
They analyze the properties they list and have them professionally
staged before they are presented to their market.  These
Top Dogs pay for their own staging, making it a part of their
listing package.  They see it as a cost of doing business and a
powerful market advantage".

Excerpt from:
"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Success as a Real Estate Agent"
Marilyn Sullivan



Our Premise

"Every home should be staged". It greatly benefits home sellers and real estate agents because it allows homes to successfully compete in their price range. Our goals for assisting Real Estate Agents are two fold:

1. We want to create strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with Real Estate Agents and HSR Professional Home Stagers by focusing on results and transforming your listings.

2.  We want to take the interior marketing of the home off the real estate agents shoulders by bringing in a Certified HSR Stager who will transform each room.  The Certified Stager will also take great photos of their completed work for the agent to use in their outside marketing of the listing.  Find out more by watching...

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Partnership Success Testimonials

Hi Audra,

I'm so pleased with your products, services & customer support!!! You and The Home Staging Resource have helped me tremendously and I am grateful!! I've just staged my first home here in Reno, NV (one of the worst RE markets in the country). The home was 2600 sq. ft. & vacant. The home was on the market last year without a sale. We staged the home, re-listed it and within 10 days my client received & accepted an offer!!. Average DOM here is 4 1/2 months!! Thank you again for all you offer through the Home Staging Resource!!! It has been invaluable!!!

Cheryl Flagg
Stage & Sell
Click Here to See Cheryl's Success Story!


Hi Audra,

Just had to tell you! the house the agent "trusted" me on and let me move whole rooms of furniture from one room to another...SOLD to the first buyer who saw it staged and for FULL PRICE! Last year they had it for sale with another agent. No staging...40 showings and not one offer!
Thanks, I can't stop smiling!

Lyndia Stauffer
Elan Home Staging & Redesign

Hi Audra,

Another staged and immediately sold home!

See Home Success Story!

Karen Simons
Wow-Factor Staging

Hi Audra,
I wanted to share an occupied home I staged last week. Within less than a week, prior to Broker Preview, the home had two offers (one at full price)! After the Broker Preview, the agent sent me this message, "We got three offers on Friday and were negotiating on Sat so we still held the Sat open house and could probably have gotten another 3! Sold at $20K above list!"

This is getting fun (wink wink)!

Dahlia Geldin of The Staged Advantage


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