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HSR Certified Member Success Stories

Audra Slinkey, President of Home Staging Resource

Our HSR Certified Member's have the highest business success rate of any other training company because they are given a specific business and marketing model that works!  There is A LOT to know when you enter into this industry, so investing in yourself first by going through training is critical! 

The first thing I do when someone starts our program is interview them, so it's very fun years (or even months) later comparing how they met their original business goals!  I love how these members have taken their past experiences, overcome the "new business" odds and created thriving, successful businesses doing what they love!

Everyone has a story to share...what will be yours?

Three Secrets to Home Staging Success...

Kristine Ginsberg of Elite Staging and Redesign is a force to be reckoned with!  Home staging in Morris and Essex County of New Jersey, she works tirelessly at transforming homes.  In fact, Kristine tells me she has a staging job every day of next week she is so busy!  "Business is booming and I couldn't be more happy about it!" she says.  "When you do what you love, you don't feel like you're working!"  It's very clear that staging and redesign is what Kristine was always meant to do but her journey getting to here was not always easy.

See her success story...


Can you imagine just starting the HSR Certification training and getting a call from a builder to stage a model home?  Here’s a quick video and encouraging story of how they handled it… - See more at: http://www.homestagingresources.com/hsr-success-story/#sthash.W7uySxai.dpuf
Can you imagine just starting the HSR Certification training and getting a call from a builder to stage a model home?  Here’s a quick video and encouraging story of how they handled it… - See more at: http://www.homestagingresources.com/hsr-success-story/#sthash.W7uySxai.dpuf

6 Figure Home Stagers Create Online, Trade Furnishing Company

I love this story because it represents so many stories I hear from HSR Members who get calls right away and have immediate success… - See more at: http://www.homestagingresources.com/hsr-success-story/#sthash.W7uySxai.dpuf

I love this story because it represents so many storied I hear from HSR Members who get calls right away from being in our directory and have immediate success!

Can you imagine just starting the HSR Certification training course and getting a call from a builder to stage a model home?

Click Here to watch a quick video and see their story

International Home Staging Pioneers

This story shows that the principles of gorgeous home staging are universal! Pavlina Glacnerova of Prague Home Staging, has a wonderful talent of transforming rooms.  She also has an encouraging story to tell about how she got started, so read on and hear in her own words her story, while enjoying her photos...

See her success story and before and after photos

Home Transformation Nets Client 100K More!

HSR Certified Donna Dazzo of Designed to Appeal was recently featured in a New York Times Magazine article, "Ruthless Came the Stager".  Donna has been staging New York City and the Hamptons  homes for years and this particular home that she staged recently went under contact for over $100,000 OVER asking price!

I stated in last month's newsletter that the real estate trend is turning, so that staging works to sell homes for more money (like in 2000-2006) rather then just helping to sell at all.  I'm hearing more stories like Donna's from home stagers all over the country saying that the homes they staged sold for more than asking price.  Now is the best time to stage because it becomes a potential financial "windfall" for the clients and makes the agent look fantastic!

See her success story...


Successful Denver HSR Member Gives Six Steps to Success...

Rhonda Sageser, a Denver home stager of Design Staging Solutions has had an amazing journey building her business in the last year!  In her interview, I outline a few keys to her success that I think is important to follow as a stager and redesigner.

Here is her story and transformation...


HSR Training Can Take Your Business in Many Different Directions!

Lisa Ryan, a home stager in Liverpool, NY is a classic entrepreneur who knows how to adapt and flex her business to the changing economy, trends and needs of her clients.  Lisa's passion and drive allowed her to complete our program within three weeks and within seven months she was already hiring another stager to help her with the amount of work she was getting! 

See her success story...

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

Linda Cunningham and Karen Scranton of Show Ready Home Staging in North Texas, transforms a client's dining room for a Christmas dinner and party to remember!

See their success story...

HSR Graduate Earns Over Six Figures a Year Staging!

Robyn Guinn of StageAZ  is a six+ figure earner in our industry, has been featured on HGTV and has an incredible talent with vacant and model homes!  When I met Robyn three years ago, she had a dream of following her passion enough to be able to quit her full-time job:

See her success story...

First Staging Job, Sold in One Day!

In one of the most amazing staging transformations I have ever seen, Linda Shepherd of Buyers Desire Home Staging works wonders in her first staged home!  She had to work with a pink, brocade couch and oversize "dragon mirror"!

See her transformation...

New Member Has Instant Success

The very first day my website was online I received a call from a realtor who had seen it.  From that call I received my first staging job which went so well that the owner paid me extra because he was so pleased with the transformation of his home!

See her encouraging story...


Previously Trained Veteran Stager Gives Feedback About HSR!

"If anyone is standing on the other side of the HSR "members area" like I was, and is wondering if it is really worth it to step to the other side?  Could there be so much more to learn?  Is this the right course to invest in?.... Just like my clients make more money and in a shorter amount of time by using me to stage their homes...I think HSR trained stagers reap those same benefits from their training. Jump on in. This is it!!! "

See her encouraging story...

Starting Her Business in a Down Economy has Paid Off!

When Lydia first joined HSR she told me that she has a graphics background and MBA in Marketing and is excited to finally fulfill her lifelong passion in design.  She was concerned about starting her business in a "down economy" but now talks about how it has "paid off!"  A year later she has exceeded her business goals in one of the most competitive areas in the country...

See her full story...

5 Home Staging Resource Graduates Named As Finalists for Real Estate Staging Association Awards!

HSR is so proud of Birgit Anich & Luci Terhune (North Region), Max Ruthven & Cyndee Long (South Region), and Linda Turner (West Region) who were recognized and honored for their amazing work as stagers by the Real Estate Staging Association.

See the full story...

Cancer Survivor Follows Her Lifelong Dream of Design With Huge Success!

I distinctly remember when Karen Honore of Staging on a Budget first joined the HSR program almost two year ago, because when I interviewed her, she said "After being diagnosed almost 2 years ago with breast cancer, it was a wake up call that life is fragile and I vowed to live with no regrets!"  Her perseverance, generosity and plain "gutsiness" has helped her build a fantastic staging business and I think you're going to LOVE her story...

See her full story...

Professional Organizer Adds Staging

Sherrie Castaldi of Organized by Design,  joined HSR the moment we became the first Accredited Training Company through the Real Estate Staging Association.

Sherrie uniquely combined her Real Estate and Organizational background with home staging for a winning combination...

See her full story...

Mother of Six Kids Becomes
Vacant Staging Guru

I get the question "can I do this with kids" a lot and the answer is a resounding YES!

Only two months into her business and Amy Anderson is already handling several vacant homes due to her furniture store partnerships and the Vacant Staging training she received from the Home Staging Resource! 

See her full story...

Working Full-Time While Building
Your Staging Business

Can you have a full time job or kids AND start a staging business? Absolutely! 

Here is a wonderful story of an HSR Member who did just that...

Staging for Home Builders and Model Homes

Dear Audra!
Year two is treating me better than what I imagined! I have been so surprised at the jobs that I have done. I mostly stage for builders that have model homes. I also have had the privilege of doing design consultation for a local builder which I had no idea when I started this business that I would get involved with! 

See her full story...

Staging and Selling for "Out of Town" Owners

The house is in Del Mar, but the owner lives in Northern California and had cleaned up the house after her Mom passed away.  It has been for sale for 6 months and had two offers from "flippers" offering $100k less than the asking price.  I completed a Staging Report for her and she decided to go ahead and stage the home. Sure enough, the home just went into escrow not even two weeks after staging!

See her full story...

Interior Designers Adding "Staging"
to Their Services

Prior to joining HSR, Lulu graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and had been practicing residential interior design for over 10 years.  She's added staging to her services and has watched her business grow over 90%!

See her full story...  

Staging and Redesign for Retail and Commercial Spaces

Tammy Benson of Finishes by Design launched her business with a bang by giving generously of her design talents and getting lots of business in return!  Her retail space transformation alone shows her extraordinary talent! 

See her full story...

Staging with Feng Shui!

When Audra and I were first discussing creating the Feng Shui training module, we both had interesting stories pertaining to "traditional Feng Shui" solutions - how it challenges staging and good design... "Good Feng Shui" and "Good Staging" are common sense based! 

See her full story...


What Will Your Story Be?




Our Mission

The Mission of Home Staging Resource is to add integrity to the home staging industry by offering the most comprehensive 21 Day HSR Certification staging program available to Professional Home Stagers.  By doing this, we ensure high quality, result oriented partnerships between our HSR Certified Stagers and their  Realtor and Home Seller clients in the marketing and preparation of homes for sale otherwise known as "staging". 


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Credibility Counts!

HSR was the first and one of the only accredited staging and redesign training programs by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).  RESA is the only true Trade Association for the staging industry.  RESA has thoroughly reviewed, audited and Accredited our training materials and found that it exceeds their stringent, quality standards!  When other trainers call themselves "World's Best" or "Accredited" ask them WHO actually "Accredited" their materials.

Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.

Audra Slinkey is a best selling author, international public speaker and has been featured on too many news channels to list.  She personally mentors and trains each member who goes through her HSR Certification Program.  She has been staging and training successful stagers across the globe since 2005!


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More Testimonials

After an extensive search and lots of research for the right online training program for Home Stagers and Interior Redesigners, I decided to go with Audra Slinkey's Home Staging Resource Program. I was very satisfied with her training materials and the fact that not only does she teach you how to properly stage a home but she went in depth on the "How to create a successful business in Home Staging". The course was easy to read and included weekly Conference calls which really helped with getting questions answered in relation to the online training. Audra even attended one of our ASHSR staging chapter meetings and I had the pleasure to meet her in person and I immensely enjoyed being able to pick her brain!
Audra is very professional, approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to helping others achieve their dreams of starting their own businesses. Audra even goes a step further and provides ongoing training and shares the newest and best information and trends! I highly recommend choosing HSR as your start to a successful and fun Home Staging Career!

Annika Berke
Ischgebibbel Home Staging

The HSR Training program is the best! Your program is so straight to the point, you have made it so simple for us. I recommend Home Staging Resource for anyone who is interested in this field of home staging/redesign – there is no better training program!

Arlene Mourier
Life Is A Stage

Hi Audra..... I am loving your program!!!!

I am in the process of earning my HSR certification and am enjoying every minute of it!

In researching other training programs, I kept coming back to the HSR website and could not be more pleased with my decision. Audra provides information that is current and well organized, along with providing all the necessary tools for becoming a truly professional entrepreneur. Thanks to your program, I look forward to continued learning- and a long lasting and rewarding career in the home staging and re-design industry. Thank you so much!

Jane French

Becoming a member of the HSR Certified Program was a great decision for me.  The organized, concise system allowed this busy Mom of three to easily work through setting up my Business.  Audra really has not only thought of everything, but provides so much knowledge and information, that she really does prepare HSR members to get off to the best start possible.  And, it is so reassuring knowing that she and the HSR staff are still there to help and offer guidance as we embark on this wonderful journey of owning a successful Homestaging Business.  Truly a great experience!"

Sheila Henson
Staging Spaces of NWA

Dear Audra,
You are amazing! I am so happy I chose Home Staging Resource for my training. You helped me realize what seemed like an impossible dream. From the moment I logged into the member area, I really started to believe "I can do this!" Every time my confidence (with that pesky little voice) starts to falter, I just go to your website and I can immediately override that voice with the one that tells me this is my dream and it is going to happen.

Everything about your company -- from your encouraging tone, to the wealth of really helpful resources (the forms! I am so grateful for the forms!) to the step-by-step instructions, tells me what a generous woman you are. You genuinely want us to succeed. Do you know how rare that really is?

I feel a clarity and excitement about my path I have not felt in a very long time. Thank you Audra Slinkey!
Warmest regards,

Susan Lindsey McCabe

I knew I made a good choice when I chose your program but I just had to tell you again.  My mind is constantly cluttered with all the forms and packages I keep telling myself I need to put together.  I am so thrilled to see you truly have thought of everything.  I keep downloading your forms and checking off my own to do list!  Every form I've told myself I needed I've found within your program.  You are a fantastic resource.  Thanks for everything...


After researching a number of different staging training sites, I decided to join Home Staging Resource.  This training is by far the most comprehensive offered.  Not only does it give you practical advice on staging homes, but the in depth business training in invaluable.  The program is laid out in such a way that even a novice business owner can navigate their way through without difficulty.  I would highly recommend the HSR Training Program for anyone interested in opening a business staging homes.  The cost associated with this training is very reasonable especially in light of the marketing materials and advice that is offered with the membership.

Theresa M. Hood
Staged Elegance, LLC

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