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Hands-On Home Staging Training


I'm so excited to be launching a new home staging training that combines the "best of the best" in the industry with other stagers for a day of unrehearsed, hands-on staging in a real-life client home!  We have over 20 (and growing) veteran stagers and redesigners from across the country who are willing to provide an amazing hands-on training experience for "core trained" stagers, so that they may learn "the secrets" to their success in this industry!

Check us out at www.stagingmentors.com or

Click here to learn more about our Staging Mentors program!

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Here are six AWESOME benefits to this Job Shadow Program for your business:

One-On-One Personal Training

Other "in home" trainings usually consist of a home and several other (up to 50) trainees which is not going to give you the personal, one-on-one attention you deserve.  You'll be working on every room of the home and not just a portion of the room with 5 other stagers.

Training by a Full-Time, Successful, Veteran Stagers

Our Mentors are stagers and redesigners FIRST and trainers secondly, so they have a proven success record in the field and can show you how they've gotten to that point.

Training in Your Area

No expensive travel since we find a veteran stager in your radius (within an hour drive), so you can be trained on location specific techniques, vendors, etc..

Niche Training and Expertise

Many of our Staging Mentors are experts at a specific niche.  In fact, they are willing to train people on becoming a niche expert in their area by sharing the secrets to their success with people out of the area.

Potential for Employment (If that is the direction you're considering)

Many of our veteran staging mentors are always on the look out for stagers that could work on their team!

Limited Time Only BIG Discount! 

Purchase the complete program today and save $200 off, so go to our buy page now and join HSR!



Ready to Become a Successful Home Stager and Redesigner?


Our Mission

The Mission of Home Staging Resource is to add integrity to the home staging industry by offering the most comprehensive 21 Day HSR Certification staging and redesign training available to Professional Home Stagers and Redesigners. 

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Audra, I received a call someone who was inquiring about the HSR Course, so I gave him your names so he may contact you personally.

I explained to him I did extensive research for on-line Interior Certification for Home Staging and Redesign........and advised him he will Not be Sorry to take the HSR Course. Your course is the most extensive and phenomenal. If I were taking the course again, I would certainly not consider courses through other companies because I absolutely know the education, passion, and customer service with HSR is the BEST there is anywhere!!! Have a wonderful day.

Kay Boswell
Orlando, FL

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