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Home Staging - The True "Economy Proof" Industry

We've all seen a lot of changes in the last six years in the housing market, stock market, economy, our own personal lives and the way we choose to spend our money. Many who have invested most of their lives into what they thought was a stable company and industry have had their world turned upside-down with furloughs, salary cuts or even lay-offs.

I know, I've been there myself and hear stories like this on a regular basis. If you're considering becoming a professional home stager, I've got great news for you and seven surprisingly, encouraging secrets to tell you about this industry:

In A Bad Housing Market, Staging Becomes "Necessary" to Sell!
Buyers have carte blanche in a bad housing market, so they want it all and are able to get it!  They want a good price but more importantly they want a gorgeous home and professional staging makes all the difference.  While other industries suffer during a difficult housing market, staging flourishes because it's so necessary to the sale of the home (see my article on A Successful Agents Stage)!
In A Good Housing Market, Staging Provides Huge Financial Bonus!
I remember the days when agents would say, "Why do I need a stager when I could have a pile of trash in this home and buyers would still have a bidding war over it!"  They may have been right, but the smart sellers and agents knew they could get many times more money by dialing in the home with professional staging.  Even in a good housing market, stagers did very well because they were able to reap more for their sellers and agents.
In Extremely Hard-Hit Foreclosure Areas, Stagers Still Do Well!
Yep, even if you're in one of the worst foreclosure areas around, there is still a great niche and opportunity for staging!  Why?  Because those areas are filled with investors/home flippers that still need the home to resell and stand-out.  Investors are usually the easiest to work with since they are unemotional about the product and consequently can understand what it is the stagers is trying to achieve in the home.
Redesign is the Perfect Solution in a Bad Economy!
In a slow economy when people are tightening their budgets and are not able to spend on expensive furnishings and window treatments, redesign is the perfect solution!  Why?  Because redesign is simply having an HSR professional redesigner come to your home, do a Ten-Point Assessment and help you fall in love with your home again, using only what you already have!  Talk about the ultimate in Green Design, you would be amazed at what an HSR Certified Redesigner and Stager can do just for the cost of their time!
Home Staging is Hot Spring and Summer, While Redesign is Hottest in the Fall and Winter, Creating a Perfect "Hedge" for Your Business!
Both business models when done correctly can hedge your business throughout the year, so that when staging slows during the winter holidays, redesign heats up with holiday decorating!

HSR is the only training company that offers a Certification that incorporates home staging with redesign in one business model.  It is critical that you are certified in both for the success of your business!

Training Makes All the Difference and Training Choice Matters!
There is no better investment in hard times then investing in yourself!  Yet too many people try to start this business on their own by reading a book or taking an inexpensive course that does not cover everything they will need (and continually need) to grow their business! 

Trust me, there is a lot to know when it comes to this industry and that is why we have by far the most comprehensive course (21-days) and advanced curriculum!  Yes, it will take you at least three weeks and possibly three months to create a strong business foundation that will last you years.  We are with you every step of the way and have created a fantastic community for you to be a part of through Stagers Connect and ASHSR!  It's time to invest in yourself and take your business to the next level!

Entrepreneurship is Hard Work and This Industry is No Exception!
Make no mistake, starting any business is hard work and continual self-discipline!  Home staging and redesign is no different except that it involves a passion that can pull you through the hard times!  I've mentored and trained more successful staging businesses then probably any other singular trainer and I can honestly tell you...I don't hear any regrets!  Following your passion, putting yourself out there to do something amazing like earn your own living is an incredible feat but it takes determination and dedication!  Do you have it?

In closing, I can say I've been where you are and felt the fear of striking out on my own but trust me, there is no such thing as a "steady" income of job in today's economy so you've got nothing to lose.  My lay-off opened my own eyes to realizing that I'd rather work for myself producing then be subject to the whims of a company or boss where I could not control my future.

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Our Mission

The Mission of Home Staging Resource is to add integrity to the home staging industry by offering the most comprehensive 21 Day HSR Certification staging and redesign training available to Professional Home Stagers and Redesigners. 

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Audra, I received a call someone who was inquiring about the HSR Course, so I gave him your names so he may contact you personally.

I explained to him I did extensive research for on-line Interior Certification for Home Staging and Redesign........and advised him he will Not be Sorry to take the HSR Course. Your course is the most extensive and phenomenal. If I were taking the course again, I would certainly not consider courses through other companies because I absolutely know the education, passion, and customer service with HSR is the BEST there is anywhere!!! Have a wonderful day.

Kay Boswell
Orlando, FL

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