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Reflections on the 2013 RESA Conference

Look at this gorgeous group of HSR Members!

What an amazing RESA Convention we had last month!  My head is still spinning but I wanted to just quickly write down some of my personal highlights and learning experiences:

Here are some of my favorite quotes I will now use:

"Respect what you do and raise the level of your profession...when someone charges less than you, the response should be, 'she's not charging less out of the goodness of her heart, she's just not as good as me!'" - David Avrin

"It's time to shift to a "Creative Tension" where change and learning are the norm!" - Bodine Balasco

"Savvy and successful agents match the style of their seller with the the stager they plan to use and they use several, so be who you are...authentic!" - David Ames - Realtor Panel Expert

"I could pull my own tooth out too but it's better to use a dentist." - Karen Otto as a response to when sellers or agents say they "stage themselves"

"I love working with investors and in fact, I got so tired of occupied staging I told the next customer that my consultation cost was $600 and they still went forward with it!" - Ryan Dressel, my amazing and accomplished Staging Mentor

"Don't be afraid to paint the ugly picture of what will happen if a client does not use you to stage their home!" - David Avrin

Thank you to all of the speakers that made this conference so fantastic!

Here's some of my favorite photos from RESA:

Congratulations to my dear friend and fellow HSR member, Tricia Tomlinson for very rightfully winning the Product of the Year Award!  It is so cool to see someone enter into this industry and do great things!
A big "Thank You" to my mom who was so fun to have at the conference this year!  She has been my inspiration and it was a privilege to have her at RESA while I won my award for Innovator of the Year!
Ryan Dressel, my investor stager extraordinaire!  It was so fun to hang out with you...finally!
Shell, as always you did a wonderful job at creating an experience for everyone at the conference they will not soon forget!  You put so much into all that you do and you make this industry very proud!
Me with Donna Dazzo who I've known for years now!  Donna has so much design talent that I am constantly in awe of her amazing work!

Thank you RESA for my award!


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