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Three Phases to Successfully Preparing a Home to Sell

There are three distinct phases to the entire home staging process, and an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager can complete and guide you in all phases within a single Staging Day.  How?  Let's first look at the three phases in detail (along with photo transformations), and then talk about how your HSR Professional handles them in their process.

Phase One - Using What the Home Seller Has To Transform Each Space
(A Staging Day)
This is basically a professional home stager's time and expertise which is the most valuable thing a home seller or real estate agent can incorporate in preparing their home to sell.  Why?  Because it involves almost zero budget outside of a Staging Day (or two), and creates big rewards in the resell based on the staging professionals ability to creatively and objectively decorate the home to sell.  There is never any reason why a home seller or real estate agent should not spend $500 on a Staging Day in order to make the most out of what they already have and get thousands in return. 

Phase Two - Recommended Purchases As Investments In Staging Process
Working with the home seller's budget, an HSR Professional Home Stager will not only suggest those recommended purchases that will MORE than pay for themselves in the speed and amount of sale, they will visually show the home seller what to purchase.  An HSR Certified Professional Home Stager brings key accessories into the Staging Day for two critical reasons: 1.  The accessories serve as "visuals" to the home seller of what little they can purchase that go a LONG way in the warmth and marketing of each room, 2.  The accessories help to create beautiful photos that are then given to the real estate agent in order to double their outside marketing efforts and bring in buyer traffic.  Don't believe us?  Go to our Staging Day Video and see the simple accessories we used to transform each room of the home.  The accessories cost was no more than $500!  Below are a couple of examples of how those same accessories accompanied with Phase One transformed the home sellers rooms.

As a real estate agent, which pictures would bring in more more buyer traffic?
As a home seller, would you now know exactly what to purchase to make your rooms more beautiful?

Phase Three - Simple Yet Dramatic Cosmetic Updates and Changes
Some rooms just need paint, while others need updated lighting.  Depending on the home seller's budget and timing, an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager will suggest paint, electrical and other cosmetic improvements that will result in a high return on investment.  How do they know how to do this?  HSR Certified Professionals are not only trained on the aspects of good redesign but have extensive real estate and market training in order to recognize the "staging potential" of the home, thus create a budget and cosmetic advice that will impact the price of the home.  Working with the real estate agent, an HSR professional will recommend those Phase Three changes in written format in an Action Plan usually prepared at the end of the Staging Day and given to the home seller.  They not only will make expert recommendations but many times can deliver "Do It Yourself" guides for those home sellers who have the energy to do the work themselves.

It's easy to justify Phase One and Phase Two improvements because they ALWAYS have a strong return on investment.  Spend $500 for a Staging Day and another $500 in accessories and you will see a speedier sale and much better price than you would have otherwise.  This is NOT rocket science.  This is simple economics.  Improve upon a product and your demand thus price increases.  Phase Three is trickier and will involve a strong a professional home stager TRAINED and knowledgeable on the real estate wisdom that results in recognizing the "staging potential" of the home.

HSR Certified Professional Home Stagers are specially trained in all three phases of the home staging process and want to work with you to sell your home faster and for more money.

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"So far everything that I have seen you do is a class act. Your creativity (and your team's) show through in every detail. I have been very impressed and I consider myself fortunate to be associated with your organization. The same can be said of the training-very well balanced and informative. I feel that it is full of practical and useful information-not full of fluff and filler."

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"I loved the live training! I was pleasantly surprised that the info that was taught was different than what we have been studying in the other materials (course book, etc). I found it very exciting (being on Eastern time - I had a hard time going to bed I was so wired!) and motivating. I also greatly appreciate that you, Audra, are the one doing the teaching - you are very hands-on, and that gives HSR a very personal feel. You give the impression that you really care about our success, and I appreciate that.  You provided information that I never would have thought of - and it was clearly and logically presented. The visual webinar with the computer was a big help. I think the reason there weren't a lot of questions after each segment was due to your 'teaching style' (I'm a former teacher!), which was clear, concise, logical..."

Jennifer Lybeer, GA

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