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Home Staging Business

A home staging business positions you in a field with a steady stream of demand. Home staging can increase the sales price of a home by more than five percent. For a home priced at $200,000, for example, that represents an increase of $10,000 in the selling price!

In addition to helping homeowners get excellent offers on their properties, home staging can also ensure they sell their homes more quickly. As the housing markets become cooler, this can make a significant difference to those who need to move by a firm deadline. At Home Staging Resources, you can hone your decorating skills to create your own home staging business while helping homeowners who need professional assistance.

Comprehensive Training for a Home Staging Business
If have a natural eye for decorating but are hesitant to start your own home staging business because you don't have a background in business, Home Staging Resource can provide you with the training that you need. Home Staging Resource's online courses can show you systematically how to perform a home staging consultation and draw up eye-catching proposals. In addition to home staging techniques, you'll also learn the simple, no-nonsense steps for setting up and maintaining your business.

Your first few lessons involve creating a consistent image for your business--from your business cards, letterhead and postcards to your website. These materials also discuss appropriate pricing for your home staging services. You'll even learn how to gain more exposure for your new home staging business. Finally, when you finish the course, you'll be put in a professional directory to help you begin networking and meeting potential clients. Home Staging Resource offers a set-up for decorating success.

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