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Home Staging And Redesign

Real estate agents are often put in the position of trying to sell vacant homes. This can result from a family having to relocate before they were able to sell the home, and it is also common in the case of new home construction. For potential buyers, looking at an empty home makes it much harder to envision living in it--which means people undervalue or even pass over a home that could actually be perfect for them.

In addition to staging vacant homes, professional home stagers can also redesign occupied homes that are on the market. Homeowners may have come to love the particular accents they have placed throughout their home and the color palette that they chose. A skilled home stager can offer an impartial opinion and redesign the interior to appeal to buyers who may be turned off by a homeowner's quirky taste.

Training in Home Staging and Redesign
In addition to providing your staging and redesign services to agents and homeowners, you can also provide services to furniture companies by using their products. Staged homes are photographed regularly for magazines and for real estate listings. If you have an existing interior design business, offering home staging and redesign services can let you reach a broader audience.

At Home Staging Resource, you'll find all the training materials that you'll need to redesign and stage homes successfully. Plus, you can progress through the materials at your own pace. You can also check back as often as you like to see photographs of home staging and redesign jobs by other home stagers, and to read up on trends and ideas in the members-only area. Home Staging Resource is here to help you succeed!

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