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HSR Member Featured on HGTV and Huge Success Story!

Robyn Guinn of StageAZ  is a six+ figure earner in our industry, has been featured on HGTV and has an incredible talent with vacant and model homes!  When I met Robyn three years ago, she had a dream of following her passion enough to be able to quit her full-time job:

"My "work" background is in the mortgage business, I work for a bank, it's great, but I guess that is why work is a four letter word, and that's why they call it "WORK". My passion is decorating, redesigning and now there is this really neat term STAGING!"

She, like so many of our members had the talent and passion but just needed the business knowledge, confidence and "push" in the right direction that the HSR Certification provides:

"I know how to do it..... I need the little boost and confidence to really take off.
I need a specific plan of action when I go in a property, a guide to follow
so to speak, something to use along with my instincts. So your plan sounded
perfect for me and what I want to do."

Sure enough, three years later she is booming with business, makes over six figures (but is too modest to admit it) and has an amazing story to tell!  She stages 2-3 homes per week and over 95% of them close escrow within 60 days of staging!

Hi Audra, things are going great!  We specialize in vacant properties, not occupied.  We have a 7,000 square foot warehouse and stage an average 2-3 properties a week!

It's been so much more than I could have dreamed of. When I was little, I used to dream of a well stocked, organized linen closet! Now an entire warehouse of everything!

I had two designers work for me but 1 quit after 2 years, so now just one.  We have our own 24 foot box truck, and her son and my son do all the moving and install of the big stuff for us. It's been great to be small enough and to work with friends and family, but also large enough to handle dozens of properties. We have about 25 homes staged right now, some are long term rental with builders and apartment models. So there is consistent income even if we are slow!

Over 95% of our staged homes sell and close escrow well within 60 days of professional staging!  My guess.... our turn time average is less than 30 days! 

It has been a blast and also a lot of work! I physically can't do any of the heavy work now because I hurt my back so I just point and pull the inventory of accessories to help out.

So thank you for asking and umm it's kind of fun to brag about it to someone who appreciates the hard work involved doing vacant properties.

So that's it for now, thank you for checking in!

Robyn Guinn

Thank you so much Robyn for sharing!  Arizona isn't exactly the easiest market to be in but Robyn has worked hard and it's paid off!

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