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"Staging" Homes with Works of Art Gets Them Sold Faster
By Audra Slinkey

In a recent article on the front page of Yahoo it states that using expensive works of art helps in selling a home.  "With around 100 paintings currently showcased in homes he represents in the Seattle area, Jan Sewell, a real estate agent in the northwestern city of Seattle, said an artist's creation 'helps to create an impression on a subliminal level, unconscious level ... making people fall in love with the house.'

"People think they want to be rational in buying a house. Nobody is," she added"

At HSR we are not surprised by this and have been teaching this form of home staging to our highly trained HSR Certified Home Stagers (Directory).  We call it building "emotional connection points" or "emotional envy points" in each room of the house so that buyers build a strong desire to live there over the course of the walk through.  This home marketing phenomena works miracles in the home selling industry and is a best kept secret of some of the most successful Realtors who partner with HSR Stagers.

With home sales at a two year slump, the day that Yahoo article ran, the Home Staging Resource received over 1750 new visitors to our site who specifically searched for home staging on Yahoo and wanted to know more about how they can use these techniques to sell their homes. 

If home staging were something you could learn in a few days and do yourself, than every home on the market would look gorgeous but look at 90% of home seller pictures and you will quickly see that this is not the case!  The reality is...successful home staging is a home marketing art form used by highly skilled individuals who have been doing this for years and is nearly impossible for a home seller to objectively thus successfully be able to do.

Using gorgeous works of art of which HSR Certified Home Stagers have access to a wide internet searchable, discounted collection the home sellers can purchase is just one method of hundreds that an HSR professional home stager incorporates in the overall staging of a home in order to create "emotional envy" for the buyer.  When home sellers tap into the many resources of a home stager they are opening all sorts of avenues that otherwise they would not have been able to explore...

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The Mission of Home Staging Resource is to add integrity to the home staging industry by offering the most comprehensive 21 Day HSR Certification staging program available to Professional Home Stagers.  By doing this, we ensure high quality, result oriented partnerships between our HSR Certified Stagers and their  Realtor and Home Seller clients in the marketing and preparation of homes for sale otherwise known as "staging".  We do this so that "every home may be staged" and marketed to it's fullest potential!

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"I am so glad I made the decision to go with the Home Staging Resource for my business training! It has been the missing link to my business. Thanks Audra for your fabulous business.

Kristina, MI
(existing home stager turned Gold Member)

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