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Five Unexpected "Essentials" to Goal Setting for 2012

Making 2012 Your Year!

There's something special about starting a new year. It's a time of reflection, consideration and hope. Like you, I made my "resolutions" to eat better and do the dreaded exercising but I spent considerable time thinking about my dreams and what I love to do.   Did you do this exercise as well? In the movie "We Bought A Zoo" my favorite quote from Matt Damon is, "All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you, something GREAT will come of it!"  Take your 20 seconds for 2012 and see what great things happen...

As I pondered the dreams and goals in my past that became a reality, I realized there was five essential ingredients to making them stick:

1. Clear Your Mind and Dream BIG - I'm afraid that what most of us consider "big" pipe dreams, the few courageous folks know as reality. I know these courageous few because they are the nurses, corporate managers, stay-at-home moms, scientists, teachers etc. that decide to drop their "life-long" careers and follow their passion for design by becoming a home stager. I talk to people daily who know in their heart, that their "big" dream is design but can't seem to "pull the trigger" out of fear.

Did you know that over 71% of women wish their work was more spiritually and emotionally satisfying? Did you know that 100% of the people I've interviewed who "pulled the trigger" and followed their dream into staging had no regrets about that decision except for one...they wish they did it earlier.

Do me a favor and get a cup of coffee and go to your favorite seat in the house with a notebook. Write down your dreams and wishes. What would make you feel more spiritually and emotionally satisfied?

2. Be True To Who You Are - I may have a dream to find a cure for cancer but since science isn't even remotely my talent, that dream probably won't happen. Basically, what are you good at? What do you get "excited" about? What are your interests that consequently fuels your inner passion? Is it painting, entertaining, cooking or design? That statistic above about the 71% of women not feeling fulfilled really speaks to the fact that they are not following their inner passions.

Reality check: If you LOVE what you do, success and money will always follow! BUT, make sure you are following what you truly love and are good at. In other words, be true to you. Be a first-rate you cause you're the best you that there will ever be!

3. Pull the Trigger and "Dream Surround" - Okay, what are you supposed to do when you decide to "pull the trigger" on a new diet? You're supposed to throw away the junk in the pantry and surround ourselves with healthy food right? Why is it that when we create a "dream resolution" we don't do the same thing?  Throw out the junk in your life that is holding yourself back from your dream.  For most of us women, it's just saying "no" to all the events in our life that keep us from doing what we want to do.  It's time to set boundaries and carve out the time we need to pursue our own goals. Likewise, we need to surround yourself with the resources, materials and tools that will help us make that dream a reality!

One of the cool things that we do at HSR when someone signs up to follow their dream of design and staging is to literally envelop that person in resources, tools, a staging community and live events that keep them energized and focused. We literally surround them with the tools they need to make that dream a reality. Yes, it's overwhelming to them at first (ask any of them in our directory) BUT with time, it works! Every winner of the RESA Rookie award in the US in every location last year was an HSR Graduate following their dream and being surrounded by it!

4. Invest in Your Dream - Why is it that we don't think twice about spending $50 at Target (on mostly things we don't need) but the idea of investing $950 on our dreams is too much?  Here's the deal...if your dream is painting, doesn't it make sense to invest in classes and materials that will fuel your success?  If your dream is design and home staging, I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!  When I speak to people on the phone I always tell them that whoever they choose as their training provider, I promise that they will love this industry.  Do I want them to choose us as their provider, absolutely but it's most important that they just go for it!

5. Write Your Story - Today is the Day! You can write your own story, so start fresh and start today. You have your list, so choose what to pursue, pull the trigger, surround yourself with that dream, invest in that dream and GREAT THINGS WILL HAPPEN! Be proud of yourself and all that you've pursued in life whether it meets your expectations or not. The lesson learned is that of trying.

"All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you, something GREAT will come of it!"



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"As I reflect on my overall experience with Home Staging Resource, I feel confident in launching, building and making my business successful based on the learning process I received from HSR.  As you know, I did several months of research followed by many questions to Audra about HSR in making my decision on what program best fit the needs to become successful in this business.
I am certain that I made the right decision to have the tools, knowledge and support to grow my business.
Many thanks to Audra and her team for developing a program that can't fail if you follow the program and put all of the processes in practice."
Laura Chappell
TruHome Design
Pimbrook, MA

"I can't say enough about the HSR training program.  I like it that you can take as long a you would like to finish the program (within the year.)   I love the business part of it because it's not just about home staging and resigning a room.  It's your business cards, website and lots of forms you provide us with and so much more. Audra helps us with it ALL:).  Signing up with HSR was one of the first things I did and it was well worth it!
 Thank you Audra"

Staging and Design by Lisa Marie,LLC
Omaha NE

“I am so impressed by the HSR training process.  It turned my business around. 

Literally, a week before signing up for the package, I was ready to let the business go due to the fact that I really felt lost in many areas. 

I have in the past month learned and applied the information I got towards my business and it has paid off.  I have been able to have an exact plan for the consultations and appt. with realtors and I have received many e-mails responding to the e-mails that I have sent out.  I have had several comments from Realtors who are now using me as a part of their service that my website and letterhead and cards look very professional.  They were impressed to say the least.

The tips and tricks that you have given are all ways that my business has improved.  Thank you for all of the effort you have put in for me and everyone out there.  I will forever be appreciative of all of your help in making Stage It Today successful!”

Stage It Today
Letitia, MN

“Joining Home Staging Resource was a tough decision - but it turned out to be a brilliant one!

I had gone to the website many times trying to decide and, on a whim, decided to take the plunge.

My business was up and going within a month because of what I learned, not to mention the materials HSR provided. I received a call/lead from the HSR directory the very first week.

I put a deposit down on office space, not because the money is rolling in, but because of the confidence and knowledge that HSR gave me.

Thank you!”

Angela Mager
Provident Home Staging
Fishers, Indiana

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